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Art & Tech BFA Thesis is live at the LVK Gallery!

My project is now officially complete and on display at the LaVerne Krauss (LVK) Gallery in Lawrence Hall at the University of Oregon.

It includes both the digital (the video) output as well as the physical (projection mapping) portions. At present I do not have formal images to post of the complete view of the project in its running state, but I will in the a few days. In lieu I do have some photos of the setup in progress as well as more of the puppets and some added behind the scenes shots.

To see even more images head on over to the BFA Thesis Media section of my Other Artworks page.

My work as well that of the other members of the 2021 Art & Tech BFA group will on display through June 10th. The theme of our show is StratoCumulus (a tie-in to our overall group theme of Drift-Off).

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