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Multiple tasks underway this term

Somewhat of a hectic start to this final term. To promote the 2021 Art & Tech BFA group and the upcoming Spring exhibition I created a promotional stop motion animation making use of an existing character while constructing a new set to support the short narrative. The video is available on Instagram via both my personal account and the group's Drift off account. It is also published on Vimeo as well as here on this site.

I've also been working on a new puppet. The primary purpose is for utilization in the Spring exhibition catalog, but I am also considering working it into my thesis project. The puppet is a "selfie" of sorts and has required some rather small scale sculpting. It is a work in progress with some painting and the making of an outfit remaining to call it complete.

Lastly I have been exploring making some 360 degree vids for projection at the Eugene Science Center Planetarium. I've explored using a GoPro Max to shoot new video, as well as converting a few existing video projects into the required 360 format for projection in the planetarium. This week we made a field trip over to see how some of them have turned out. I was very impressed! What a fantastic opportunity to use such a unique medium. I'm hoping we can get past the worst of the pandemic enough to fit in a separate show of those works before the term ends.

Lastly, as a group we've been focused on getting some mock layouts together for the catalog as well as looking at options for some form of takeaway for the Spring exhibition. I'll be working on my contribution to that this weekend in conjunction with finishing the aforementioned puppet.

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