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New Puppet and Set

While there are still some finishing touches to be made, the majority of work on a new puppet and another set is complete. I've included a couple sample pics here in this post, but to see more pics and to get a better idea of the making process head on over to BFA Thesis Project Media section on the Other Artworks page.

This latest puppet is the main character in the story. As for the set, per the current plan it will be used in two scenes. I am considering adding a third, but we'll see how much time I can afford and how much I lean into idea of adding to the narrative.

Finishing touches include painting some of the terrain, adding a little fencing, and doing a few things to the eyes and face of the puppet.

Next will be creating a fourth puppet and yet another set which will be the primary one. Once those are complete I expect to be doing mostly shooting and editing in order to complete the trailer for this term.

Oh... and I've been exploring music and other audio elements. I create all my own audio so this can be quite time consuming, especially if music is involved.

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