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The first of many to come - BFA Thesis

Starting this term I'll be posting updates here on close to a weekly basis pertaining to the progress on my BFA Thesis project. At present my goal is to create a stop motion animation. While I have created many of these over the last 2+ years, this one is going to be considerably more involved - duration, sets, props, narrative, video editing, audio, etc. Over the course of the last term and the start of this term I've primarily been working on building the primary puppet as well as the props and certain set designs (and creating this website). I have quite a bit more work to do in the aforementioned areas, but I also aim to get at least a decent chunk of a draft video created and published in time as a teaser for the end of this term. With each weekly update I will be posting mostly pics, but there may also be some small video snippets as well to help provide expanded context. While I don't want to give away the full narrative, I will be providing peaks through all of this information. Please don't ask me to disclose the narrative as I will only say 'nope'. I intend to leave it to the interpretation of the viewers. ;)

Lastly, while some pics and vids will be in these blog updates, the majority will be available in a specific gallery in the Other Artworks section of this website.

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