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What's up post grad?

Three and half years of college kept me extremely busy. I've been on somewhat of a sabbatical since graduating last year working on cornucopia of home improvement/renovation projects while also dabbling in a few side video art projects.

My home was in dire need of some correctional work on both the inside and out. Most of the tasks were known before college started, but I did acquire some new jobs during the collegiate years that were of course both unexpected and unwanted. While I have done the majority of work, I have had to contract certain aspects out - some plumbing issues and having a new heating/cooling system installed. I've spent close to 20K fixing most of these items, but I still have multiple fairly major projects to complete - flooring, wood stove, finishing a bathroom, and finishing my garage. On the outside I replaced all the electrical outlets and fixtures, repaired a section of the roof and installed a variety of solar lighting options on both the house and along my driveway. On the inside I have repaired multiple sections of walls and ceilings, repainted most of the inside, fixed elements of my kitchen cabinetry, replaced/installed both new and existing lighting and electrical outlets throughout the house, and torn apart and repaired the flooring in one of the bathrooms. It's been an extensive amount of work, but the house is looking better for it. In addition to the projects remaining on/in the house, I also have all the landscaping/yard work to catch up. This too largely needs a lot of clean-up work to address my inability to keep up with it during school.

All of this work has been done for two primary reasons.. 1) I anticipate having to relocate for work, and.. 2) If I stay, I wanted the place to finally be somewhat nice and designed to my own preferences after having lived in somewhat of a disarray for 20+ years. Thus, I elected to take the dedicated time after school and before finding work in order to accomplish these tasks without having to spread the work out over many more months, if not years, having to balance it into my personal time outside of work.

In amongst this work I have still found the time to do some video art work. One of these was strictly a video art project while the other involved my building a custom gaming PC. While the resulting video is basically a review of the components and the general build steps, it was also an opportunity to explore and apply some new video shooting and editing options I previously had not employed. This is the second custom PC build I have done - the first was my production video editing and animation system - with credit going to my oldest son for finally convincing me to take the dive into doing them. I reference a plethora of online resources for the information needed to make informed decisions regarding components and interoperability as well as the build steps themselves. If you're ever curious about any of that information, feel free to ping me via the Contact page.

At present I continue to chip away on the home improvement projects while also doing some video editing and animation work for a friend. I am also doing a bit more job searching with most of my efforts focused on the Portland, OR area. I continue to look for opportunities in the field of stop-motion animation, but am also looking for video editing options.

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