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I've always enjoyed art of just about any format, but the intrigue of using the latest technology to create, tweak, and/or grow elements adds a seemingly infinite layer of possibilities to things both new and old.  I've had a thing with photography since I was a young child and obtained my first camera.  The magic of freezing a moment in time and reflecting on what the resulting image told me has always been exciting, engaging, and somehow reflective of who I am, what I was, and perhaps what I could be.

At present I can confidently say that I've lived a full life.  I have had a family, children, a solid career, and a place of my own to a call home.  Roughly seven years ago, as if life couldn't have been full enough, a series of events over the course of three short years changed almost everything I had felt was solid in my sphere of existence.  It seemed wherever I was previously comfortable, well... that just had to stop.  While very disheartening and nothing short of challenging, I made it my goal to refocus and try to see these changes as an opportunity to do things I've always wanted to but not had the time.  I was approximately seven years away from a planned early retirement, whereby it was my plan to step away from my career in the computer software and service industry and instead get back to the artistic interests I'd been nurturing since my last days of college some 25+ years ago.  In a nutshell, I want to go out of my life doing that which I enjoy most.


I'm now heading towards my mid-50s.  I recently graduated from college again - BFA in Art & Technology at the University of Oregon - and am looking for options within the Portand, Oregon area to share in creative endeavors.  My passion and focus is clear to me.  It is art.  It is creating and consuming it wherever and whenever.  While I have absolutely fallen in love with stop motion animation, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge and experience with other forms of digital art such as 3D animation, projection mapping, video/audio production and editing, illustration, programming, and of course photography.  I've even had the opportunity to do some exploration back into drawing, taking a stab at sewing, and learning a plethora of fields of art history. I've loved every minute of it but I'm also looking forward to completing this degree and moving on to having more of my time to dedicate to the specific fields that most interest me.

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